14 Nov 2019

Autumn 2019

Feedback received from guests following their stay at Tub Cottage: As it is nearing the end of the 2019, we thought it would be helpful to share the feedback we have received from our guests over the last few years.  We always read the feedback form and aim to address the comments where we can.  […]


04 May 2019

Spring 2019

Hello and Welcome to my Spring 2019 blog This year has been flying by and I’m busy with my GCSE exams coming up in a few weeks! Eek!! Litton is looking amazing this Spring! The leaves are starting to come out, Spring flowers are blooming and the lambs are gambling in the fields! The Easter […]


06 Aug 2018

Summer 2018

Welcome to my Summer 2018 Blog! The weather in Litton has been glorious! Sun everywhere! Very unusual for this part of the Peak District, so we have been very lucky. Sadly one of our Buff Orpington fluffy chickens, Orzo, passed away last week.  We are not sure why as she was up and about in […]


25 Oct 2017

Autumn 2017

Hello everyone, We now have 3 Aylesbury ducks called Angelica, Eliza and Peggy after characters from my favourite musical, Hamilton. Aylesbury ducks are your typical Jemima Puddle-Duck kind of duck. So, if anyone wants to come up and see them and the chickens, feel free! The ducks won’t start laying their eggs until next Spring […]


11 Apr 2017

Spring 2017

Welcome to Spring at Tub Cottage The daffodils have now flowered in Litton and the trees are starting to grow their leaves, there are lambs jumping and playing in the fields and Tub Cottage looks lovely.   Our six chickens are doing very well and are enjoying the sunny weather, although it has made one […]


20 Dec 2016

Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas and welcome to my blog, We have exiting news! We have donkeys!!! Their names are Callum and Jones and they are adorable. We are fostering them from the Donkey Sanctuary.  They are both brown,  Jones is aged 6 and is slightly smaller than Callum who is aged 4. They are still getting used […]


10 Sep 2016

The Tale of Two Naughty Herdwick Sheep

Once upon a time there were two Herdwick sheep named Jemima and Beatrix.  They lived in a lovely field in the Peak District surrounded by drystone walls and full of rich juicy grass. They had recently moved to this field from another part of the Peak District where they lived with their mother and father, […]


18 Jul 2016

Summer 2016

Hi Past, Present and Future Guests of Tub Cottage, I have more very exiting news since my last post, we’ve got sheep! They are called Beatrix and Jemima after Beatrix Potter and Jemima Puddle-Duck because they are Herdwick sheep which originate from the Lake District also, Beatrix Potter basically saved the breed from being wiped […]


26 Mar 2016

Spring 2016

Hello Past, Future or Present Guests and Welcome to the Tub Cottage Website, I have exciting news… I’ve got chickens!!! I have four of them and their names are: Ravioli, Orzo, Macaroni and Penne, and as you have probably guessed they are all named after pasta. We had our first egg today YAY!! After over […]


18 Jan 2016

Winter 2016

Hello and welcome to the Tub Cottage Website, I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   I had a lot of fun decorating Tub Cottage for Christmas.  In my last blog I said that the snow was coming,  but it never did, it just rained, but it is not flooded thankfully.  It […]