19 Jun 2015

Litton Wakes and Welldressing

Hello Welcome to the Tub Cottage Website! We’ve had really nice weather this week but it has turned horrid today but to be fair the weather report did say it would rain this weekend. The village greens are really green at the moment I think it’s summer (finally). Wakes and Welldressing celebrations are coming up […]


06 Apr 2015

Spring has arrived in Litton!

Hi Guys welcome back to the Tub Cottage website an especially my blog, Spring is finally here I’m writing this overlooking Litton and it is looking heavenly outside much different to my last post when it was snowing and icy. The daffodils are coming out, leaves are growing on trees, the lambs are skipping about […]


15 Feb 2015

Snowy Litton

Hi Guys, welcome back to my blog! For the past 2 months it has been snowing like crazy and so we have been snowed in but it is clearing off now but it is still really icy in Litton. So beware! Saw my best friend forever yesterday and had lunch out in Vanilla Kitchen in […]


05 Oct 2014

Introductory Blog

Hi I’m May and I’m here to answer all the questions about how kids can enjoy their stay at Litton. Being 11 and having lived here all my life I have found the most recommended walks, cycle rides and any other activities that are best for children who come on holiday here. My friends and […]