Access Statement For Tub Cottage, Litton, Derbyshire

This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to the suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.


Tub Cottage is a self catering holiday cottage in a rural village location.  It is situated up a limestone gravelled lane in the centre of the village of Litton.   The centre of the village is level.   There are short walks from the cottage which are on a level surface; however most are across fields with stiles and inclines.

The cottage itself is approximately 175 years old and has one level on the ground floor and sleeping accommodation is on the first floor accessed by steep stairs.

The outside seating area is level and is accessed across a gravelled lane.

Car parking for Tub Cottage is on the roadside a 40m walk away from the property.  Guests can pull up in front of the cottage to load and unload.


The nearest railway stations are Buxton and Hope.
Bus services: there is a covered bus-stop in the centre of the village approximately 50m from the cottage. Route 173 Castleton to Bakewell (stops near Hope station) and Route 193 Tideswell to Buxton stops in the village.
The local community shop is a general stores and is 50m from the cottage


We are contactable by phone, tel. 01298 871732 and can discuss with you any specific requirements you might have.

Also by email:

Our website is

Litton is accessible by public transport.

The closest main line railway stations are Chesterfield and Sheffield. The closest local station is Hope.

Buses serving the village of Litton are the X67 between Chesterfield and Manchester (limited service) and the X65 between Sheffield and Buxton; contact Traveline 0871 200 22 33 for timetable details.

The closest towns by public transport are Bakewell and Buxton.

Delivery of provisions can be arranged by one of the large supermarket chains or by a local company, Shop in Tideswell.

A shop-mobility scheme operates in Chesterfield.

Disability equipment can be hired. (Enquire at Red Cross Depot, Matlock 01629 582171)

It should be noted that the property is not suitable for guests who are wheelchair users due to the changes in levels both inside and outside the property.

With the safety of guests in mind it is suggested that the cottage may only be suitable for guests who have a visual, hearing or mobility impairment if they are accompanied.

Regrettably, at the moment we only have standard smoke detectors and are therefore not able to offer the higher level of warning systems (e.g. flashing or vibrating alarms) which a guest with such impairment would rely on if travelling alone.

Welcome and Car Parking Facilities

The key is in a keysafe located 120cm from the ground in the porch next to the front door.

The porch has a motion detector security light.

Car parking for Tub Cottage is on the roadside a 40m walk away from the property.  Guests can pull up in front of the cottage to load and unload.

The road for parking is tarmac covered, however the lane to Tub Cottage is limestone gravel until you reach the front door.

Please ring us, we live very close by and will be able to offer assistance with luggage (01298 871732)

Once parked on the road the rear of the vehicle can be accessed.

There is a street light at the bottom of the gravelled lane and there is an external light to the property which activates on a light sensor.  The porch also has a light which is activated by a motion detector.

We accommodate dogs and a dog bowl, biscuits, towels and throws are made available.

The name of the cottage is clearly displayed on the porch.  It is a slate sign with white lettering.

The front doorway is 75cm wide and the door opens inwards and hinges on the right.

Main Entrance, Stairs and Downstairs

The front entrance described above is the only access.  There is a rear entrance but this leads into a small enclosed yard which does not have an entry or exit.

The main entrance is the front door where there is a threshold strip of 9cm wide and 5.5cm high. The door is a single leaf stable door with 4 panes of glass at the top.  It hinges on the right, it is 75cm wide.

There is an overhead ceiling light and also natural light from the glass windows in the door.

There is an original tiled floor in the small entrance hall approximately 1.5 square metre floor area, with dirt trap/non-slip doormat behind the door.

An internal door leads from the hallway into the sitting room; the door is 71cm wide and opens inwards with hinges on the left.  There is a slight raise in floor level from the hallway to the sitting room of 2.5cm.

The stairs to the right of this door are enclosed and steep. There is an oak handrail (against light coloured walls) on the right hand side at a height of 83cm from the nose of the stairs.

The stairs are 21cm deep, 75cm wide and 20cm high.  There are 12 steps to the first landing and one further step up to the second landing and bathroom measuring 17cm high.  The first landing is 74cm x 74cm and the second landing is 90cm square.

The living area is well lit and there are ceiling lights in the sitting room and kitchen.  There are also floor lamps by the sofa and over the work-surfaces in the kitchen.

The sitting room and kitchen floor has stone flags throughout, with a rug in the sitting room which is non-slip.

All paintwork is light coloured. Internal doors and frames are light coloured.

Light switches are between 120cm and 140cm from the floor level.  Electric sockets are 25cm above floor level, wall sockets are 25cm above the worktop height.

There is a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector (audible only)

The kitchen table and chairs are moveable.  There is free space on two sides of the kitchen table.  Height underneath the kitchen table is 65cm.  Kitchen chairs are upright with no arms. Seat height is 49cm.

Sofa sitting height is 47cm.

The flat screen television has a 43cm 17 ″screen with freeview.

TV, DVD and CD/Radio player all have remote controls.

Kitchen work-tops are granite and 90cm from the floor.

The cooker has two ovens, both open from the top. The bottom oven is almost at floor level.

The hob is an induction hob and only operates when a pan is in contact with the surface.

Washer/dryer and Dishwasher open outwards and are integral, under the work top.

The fridge is mounted above the freezer and the lowest shelf is 99cm and the highest shelf is 146cm.  The bottom freezer shelf is 37cm from the floor and the top shelf is 72cm from the floor.

The Sink has a double lever mixer tap.

The wall cupboards in the kitchen are 140cm from the floor and extend upwards to 200cm from the floor.


Stairs are steep (see measurements above) and there are further steps up to the bathroom and bedrooms once you get to the top of the stairs.

Stairs and bedrooms are carpeted.  Bathroom has grey slate tiles with a heated floor.

There are bedside lamps in both bedrooms as well as additional lamps and ceiling lights.­­­­

Double bedroom

Door opening to the double bedroom is 72cm and opens to the left.
There is one double divan bed. Mattress size 138cm wide and 185cm long.
The maximum space next to the bed is 90cm from the bed to the wall.
The bed is 65cm high to the top of the mattress

There is a wall mirror which is 100cm from the floor.
There is a walk in wardrobe with ceiling light. Hanging rail is 173cm above the floor.

There is a 22” TV on the wall which is 137cm from the floor

The bedroom leads out onto the second landing and there is a step down from the second landing to the first landing measuring 17cm high.

 Twin bedroom.

Door opening to the twin bedroom is 72cm wide and opens to the right.
There are two single divan beds Mattress size 92cm wide and 185cm long
The maximum space next to the beds is 90cm from the bed to the wall.
The beds are 65cm high to the top of the mattress

There is a dressing table mirror which is 100cm from the floor.
There is a single wardrobe. Hanging rail is 183cm above the floor.

There is a 22” TV on the wall which is 135cm from the floor.

The bedroom leads out onto the second landing and there is a step down from the second landing to the first landing measuring 17cm high.


Door opening to the bathroom is 65cm wide and opens to the right.
The shower is over the bath and has a glass shower screen which is hinged on the left.

The bath height is 59cm.
The toilet seat is 46cm from the floor.
The washbasin height is 82cm from the floor and is freestanding.
A non-slip mat is provided for use in the bath or shower.
The shower is thermostatically controlled.
There is a large wall mounted heated towel rail

There is a step down from the bathroom to the first landing measuring 17cm high.

Outside Areas

There is a seating area for 4 people which is paved.  This is accessed over a lane covered in limestone chippings.  There is a bench directly outside the cottage.

Additional Information

One well behaved dog is welcome. Please discuss your requirements when booking.
Internet access is available. Details in welcome pack.
Mobile telephone reception can be poor, but can be accessed near front door/front windows.  There is a landline in the cottage which can make outgoing calls for a small charge.
The nearest General Hospitals with A&E units and walk in NHS are in Chesterfield and Sheffield and the nearest Doctor’s surgery is 1 mile away. Further information is in the welcome folder.

Contact Details
Address: Tub Cottage, 2, Lomas Cottages, Litton, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 8QR

Tub Cottage telephone: 01298 871129

Owners telephone: 01298 871732



Grid Reference: SK 164 751   Ordnance Survey Sheet OL24

Hours Of Operation: Open year round.

Local Carers
Audley Care Services, Matlock
Tel 01784 812 513

Eyam Dale House, Eyam Tel 01433 631 360

Local Equipment Hire:


Wheelfreedom Tel 0800 0258 005

Red Cross, Matlock – Tel 01629 582171.

Wheelchairs – free daily from Bakewell Tourist Information Centre – booking advisable Tel 01629 816 558.

Mobility Shops
Chesterfield Mobility Centre 3 Low Pavement
Tel 01246 236671

The Helpful Hand, Macclesfield Tel 01625 424438

Local Transport

Accessible Taxi: (Buxton) A.Cabs Tel: 01298 70423

Local Taxi (Litton) Gordon S Rooke Tel 01298 871538 Mob. 07925 383835

Local Public Transport: Bus Route 173 Castleton to Bakewell, Route 193 Tideswell to Buxton

Traveline Tel: 0871 200 22 33

Local Public Transport: Rail Tel 08457 48 49 50