26 Mar 2016

Spring 2016

Hello Past, Future or Present Guests and Welcome to the Tub Cottage Website,
I have exciting news… I’ve got chickens!!! I have four of them and their names are: Ravioli, Orzo, Macaroni and Penne, and as you have probably guessed they are all named after pasta. We had our first egg today YAY!! After over a week of having them so I was very excited. I found it when I came home from school and it was very weirdly shaped. If anyone visiting Tub Cottage would like to come up and do some chicken handling and look for some eggs they are more than welcome.  Once our chickens are laying regularly, our guests will be able to sample half a dozen freshly laid eggs as part of our Tub Cottage Welcome Pack!  Yum!
Spring lambs have also arrived in the fields around Litton – see their cute faces in the attached photo.IMG_0740 IMG_0734 IMG_0745 IMG_0738
Thanks for reading this and I hope you will be booking Tub Cottage soon!