18 Jul 2016

Summer 2016

Hi Past, Present and Future Guests of Tub Cottage, I have more very exiting news since my last post, we’ve got sheep! They are called Beatrix and Jemima after Beatrix Potter and Jemima Puddle-Duck because they are Herdwick sheep which originate from the Lake District also, Beatrix Potter basically saved the breed from being wiped out. As well as the Herdwicks we also have two new Welsummer chickens they are called Corn and Flake because the cockerel featured on the Kellogs cornflake box is a Welsummer cockerel. You are more than welcome to come and meet the sheep and the chickens, just give us a call. The sun is out today and summer looks as though it has arrived.   We look forward to meeting our summer guests over the next few weeks.
IMG_0914 IMG_0488