20 Dec 2016

Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas and welcome to my blog,
We have exiting news! We have donkeys!!! Their names are Callum and Jones and they are adorable. We are fostering them from the Donkey Sanctuary.  They are both brown,  Jones is aged 6 and is slightly smaller than Callum who is aged 4. They are still getting used to their new home in Litton, but they are settling in well and becoming used to myself, Mum and Dad as the days go by.

Litton is looking lovely this Christmas with lights everywhere. I took part in the Methodist church Nativity on Sunday and it was nice to see all the little ones acting out the parts of angels and shepherds. The Christmas tree at Tub Cottage is up and I enjoyed decorating it.  We have guests staying for Christmas and New Year.  There’s lots happening in Litton, with Carols by the Tree on Christmas Eve, the local band playing in the village on Boxing Day and a Dinner at the Red Lion on New Year’s Eve.

I’m looking forward to Christmas and I hope you all enjoy your stay at Tub Cottage during the coming year and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.