11 Apr 2017

Spring 2017

Welcome to Spring at Tub Cottage

The daffodils have now flowered in Litton and the trees are starting to grow their leaves, there are lambs jumping and playing in the fields and Tub Cottage looks lovely.   Our six chickens are doing very well and are enjoying the sunny weather, although it has made one of them go broody!   They have been laying plenty of eggs – we have been getting one from each of them over the last couple of weeks! 

Now the weather is warmer its a good time to walk or cycle along the beautiful Monsal Trail. The cafes along the trail are really good especially the Hassop tea rooms where I had lunch today.

Sadly our foster donkeys, Callum and Jones, have returned to the Donkey Sanctuary, after spending the Winter with us.  We realised over the Winter that looking after two donkeys was a much bigger commitment than we had realised and made the difficult decision to return them back to the Sanctuary.  The Sanctuary were very grateful for our help over the Winter and the boys are now being well looked after until a new home is found for them.  

We look forward to welcoming our future guests to Tub Cottage and to some lovely warm and sunny days ahead.