04 May 2019

Spring 2019

Hello and Welcome to my Spring 2019 blog

This year has been flying by and I’m busy with my GCSE exams coming up in a few weeks! Eek!!
Litton is looking amazing this Spring! The leaves are starting to come out, Spring flowers are blooming and the lambs are gambling in the fields!
The Easter holiday weather was pretty good and the weekend was great for walking and cycling and many other sports. A visit to Hathersage open air swimming pool is a must in this good weather too!!
During the Easter weekend we celebrated World Curlew Day 21 April and had a cake and gift stall outside our house to raise funds for Curlew conservation (see photo above of a Curlew).  We have a few curlews around Litton and can sometimes hear them from our garden.  Keep an eye out for them when you are out and about – my Mum loves their call!
Let’s hope this early May Bank Holiday weekend brings us some sunshine too!  This weekend we are raising funds for World Hedgehog Awareness week 5-11 May and will be selling cards and poetry books outside our house hoping to make some money for the Hedgehog hospitals.
A new cafe has opened at Millers Dale Station on the Monsal Trail and is a great place to take a rest after walking or cycling along the old railway line.  Hassop Station, also on the Monsal Trail, is good too and is open for evening meals.  Their pizza is great!
I hope you enjoy your stay at Tub Cottage this Spring!  Let’s hope the good weather continues.